Book Study

Before implementing any kind of gamification, the culture must be created. The Tiebreaker focuses on how to build a culture of gamification for adult learners. I have put together some guiding questions and additional links for each Key to Victory that could help facilitate book studies and self-reflection. The goal of this book study is to equip you with a game plan (created by you!) to implement gamification and to be one step closer to being The Tiebreaker!

If you would like to purchase the paperback version in bulk (10+ books), please contact me for a discount.


How to facilitate the book study:

  1. Read each chapter. Some chapters include the following components.
    • Game Changer and The Drawing Board: Game changers are built-in for the reader to jot down notes while reading and ideas are fresh in their minds. Go ahead, physically write it in the book!
    • Timeouts: Timeouts are included, intentionally, for the reader to pause and reflect on his or her own practices.
    • Instant Replay: This component includes real-life examples from the author’s experience
  2. Complete and use these components as reflection tools and to begin sketching your game plan.
  3. Use the additional links and book study questions for small group discussion and reflection. The deeper you reflect, the better your game plan you will be!


The Tiebreaker Guide

Developing the Mindset

Key to Victory #1

Key to Victory #2

Key to Victory #3

Key to Victory #4

Key to Victory #5

Postgame Huddle