Postgame Huddle

“Whatever game plan you choose, carry this book as a reminder. The whistle is around your neck, the blank playbook turned over to you. New Xs, new Os. Coach, your dream team awaits.”

“Postgame Huddle”, The Tiebreaker
-Rebecca Gibboney

Guiding Thoughts to Ponder

  1. What are your big coaching breakthroughs from The Tiebreaker? What thoughts resonated with you?
  2. What is your game plan from here? Where do you want to get? Where do you start?
  3. What are your passions in life? How can you blend work and your passions to make work a place worth coming to every day?
  4. Who do you need on your team? Why? Make sure they know how important they are to you!
  5. I (Rebecca Gibboney) never truly come out and define the tiebreaker. I get hints to it, but I never define it. Why? Because you all are the tiebreaker in your own way. How can you use the big ideas from this book and be the tiebreaker in your own way?