Key to Victory #3

“Without your dream team, you are a one-man team–alone and defenseless. It. is your job, coach, to rally your supporters, create the buy-in, and give your supporters a reason to come into work every single day.”

“Key to Victory 3”, The Tiebreaker
-Rebecca Gibboney


The First Follower, Sivers

“Find Your Marigold”, Cult of Pedagogy

Guiding Thoughts to Ponder

  1. In the book, I have identified qualities for a captain, shooting guard, and power forward. What qualities might you add to this list when you think of your own captains, shooting guards and power forwards?
  2. Think about the different initiatives or programs you have running in your building. Do you have the right team leading the way? Do you need to make any lineup changes? How do you support your dream teams?
  3. How can you continue to build dream teams and teacher capacity to avoid burnout and fatigue? (Remember, they cannot just be all MVPs. You must invest in all!)
  4. Identify the ingredients you need to build a culture of teacher leadership. What can you do, as the coach, to build leaders? Everything starts with culture.
  5. Who is your “person”? Right now, take out a paper or pencil. Your phone. Something…Construct a thank you email, phone call, or text. Take the time, right now, to thank them for all of their support.