The Journey Begins

My name is Rebecca Leid. I am a Spanish teacher and Instructional Coach at a small school located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Lycoming College in 2010 and started teaching upon graduation. I thoroughly enjoy educating students and watching their passion for learning evolve. As an advocate for education, I passionately encourage learning as a Spanish teacher and an Instructional Coach. 
Check out my professional website here.
Teacher Vision
As a teacher, I strive to find that spark in each of my students and to challenge their limits. I want each of my students to discover their own learning, to learn for the “love” of learning and develop a comfort with the “unknown” (not always having an answer). 
Instructional Coach Vision

I am an instructional coach. I am a teacher leader who believes that all teachers have the potential to inspire life-long learners. It is my job to walk … or run … alongside teachers to support them and help them become the teachers their students deserve. Together, we impact change in our students’ lives and education itself.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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