Dream On…

The first day of class I always tell my students to dream. Dream BIG. Anything is possible.


Is it? 

Can my 5’3 middle school student make the NBA? Can my C average student get into law school? Can my student, who stays home to take care of siblings while working two jobs, even afford to leave his or her family to attend that ‘dream’ college hours away?

Some of my students have dreams, but some of my students have realities. Some students live in a fairy-tale land, whereas other students live in a dark-alley nightmare. And what about that one student—yes, her—who doesn’t even dare to dream?

With a generation that fears failure, how do we, as educators, keep our students’ dreams alive? How do we even teach our students to dream?

It’s simple.

We ground our students in their reality, yet push them towards their goal.

We feel their pain in disappointment, yet put a smile back on their face.

We scream with them at their frustrations, yet laugh with them through humiliation.

We preach that failure is not an option; but rather, a learning opportunity, a stepping stone, a detour.

Fail f o r w a r d.

Tommorow, ask your students about their dreams and watch their reactions. Ground those daydreamers and make dreamers out of the non-believers.

Become a dreamer.


Dream on…pexels-photo-279470.jpeg

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