Friday hit me with panic.

10 days without my normal routine. 10 days without full socialization.

My type-A personality started to scream. The little “Miss social butterfly” in me started fluttering anxiously. What am I going to do? And…I know I am not the only one that had this state of internal panic. As creatures of nature, we have learned to busy ourselves with color-coded schedules. We have indulged ourselves with the immediacy of social media.

We have lost touch of the beauty of the slowness, the uncertainties, the simple.

The funny thing is that while my inner self felt lost and frantic, I started to feel a calm come over me. The way I see it, I have a choice. I could look at these 10 days in fear of boredom or I could look at these 10 days as a chance to enjoy the simple; and, I have chosen the latter.

I will embrace the 10 days of the simple by challenging myself to try new skills, find the beauty in the calmness, and enjoying the little moments with my barking furbabies (below, volume up) and my sports-fanatic husband (who might lose his mind without sports).

So, I challenge you. Find the simple–whatever that may be for you–, embrace the beauty, and pick up some new skills you never knew you had!

A glimpse into my 10 days of simple:

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**This post was inspired by an Italian woman who was challenged to see the beauty in all of this!

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