The Game You Play

I know, it may seem like I have ghosted you but I haven’t. I promise! I have just been waiting, wrapping my brain around everything crazy that is going on in the world around us. Waiting for the right words to speak to me through the screen. If I’m being completely honest, waiting to catch my own breath to even find the time to put words on paper.

Guys, I’m not going to lie. Times right now are rough. They are exhausting. They are nothing I would have ever imagined living through.

But, I refuse to lose.

I spend many nights debating what more I can do. I spend days researching new ways to support teachers. Really, I spend every single day searching for answers that seem impossible to find.

But, I refuse to lose.

I keep thinking this is a game. A very long, strategic game filled with chutes and ladders. It’s frustrating. It’s tiresome. It’s a gosh darn-it, can I just forfeit already kind of game.

But, I refuse to lose.

I can let my opponent play the next move or I can outplay my opponent. I can find another way. I can step back and take a different approach.

Because I refuse to cave

Me and my competitive-self refuse. Refuse to lose. I will compete. That is my choice. My tiebreaker mindset.

No matter the moves, the cards dealt, the unlucky roll, I choose the game. The game does not choose me.

Which game do you choose?

Want to play?

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