Let Your Teacher-Self Bloom!

It is time to let our teacher-self BLOOM with our teacher gamification challenge! Collect as many petals as you can to help your flowers bloom.

How can you grow some petals? Complete a challenge below and share your evidence on Twitter using #tiebreakerEDU @gibboneyrebecca. You can post up to 8 petals a day; however, you can only post one of each petal each day. For example, you cannot post connecting with students two times in one day. What does evidence look like? Snap a picture (blur out student faces if you do not have permission) or tweet a reflection! We will practice integrity – I trust you are being honest with me!

  • Connect with your students virtually
  • Connect with your colleagues virtually
  • Get out and exercise
  • Connect on Twitter with your PLN
  • Try a new skill and share it
  • Try a new tool during remote learning instruction
  • Share something for the #tiebreakerEDU community on Twitter
  • Share what you are thankful for during these times

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