You, THE Tiebreaker

You know, I never really came out to my readers–to you–with a true definition of a tiebreaker. Sure, we could go with the Google definition:

noun: tiebreak; plural noun: tiebreaks; noun: tie-breaker; plural noun: tie-breakers; noun: tie-break; plural noun: tie-breaks; noun: tiebreaker; plural noun: tiebreakers

  1. a means of deciding a winner from competitors who have tied, in particular (in tennis) a special game to decide the winner of a set when the score is six games all.”a tiebreaker failed to split them”

But, that’s not it. That is not what I am going for here… For all of my readers out there, I did not mean to leave you hanging. However, I did leave out the definition (or my personal meaning) of TIEBREAKER intentionally. I know, go ahead and say it, “Becky, you are so mean.”

The truth is, you know the definition; You know what I was getting at. You know what it takes to be a tiebreaker; you know that you have what it takes to be THE tiebreaker. So, here’s the thing…

There is no one single definition for a tiebreaker (in education).

You could be THE tiebreaker in a number of ways:

  1. You can change a morale defeat into a morale victory.
  2. You can help a colleague by putting a smile on their face.
  3. You can be on a team rewriting curriculum.
  4. You can be a shoulder to lean on after an epic fail of a lesson.

The list can go on… For me, I was THE tiebreaker, because I found an innovative way to bring fun into the workplace. I found a way to build community. I found a way to battle initiative fatigue. I, simply, found a way.

Even though I say that there may be a number of definitions and a different mean to being THE tiebreaker. Two things remains constant…

Being THE tiebreaker is a CHOICE and you are choosing a MINDSET.

If you are committing to being THE tiebreaker, you are making a choice and you are choosing a mindset. Not everyone has the stamina and determination to be THE tiebreaker. Choosing to show up for everyone every day (even on days when you feel like you cannot show up for yourself) is a choice. Choosing to see the light of positivity in the darkness of negativity is a choice. Choosing to reflect on the good times and the bad times. Choosing the growth mindset. Choosing to surround yourself with your dream team. Choosing this mindset over the average.

It is not easy.

Sometimes, it is not even what you ask for.

Some days, it is more than you can handle.

But, I’m here to tell you, today, today, you can handle it. You can be just what your colleague needs. You can be THE tiebreaker. How do I know? Because…

When you clicked on this blog post and opened it up. You made a choice. You continued reading. You chose a mindset. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. There’s a reason, a meaning.

That meaning: You are THE tiebreaker!

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