Peaceful Chaos

My classroom is bare.

I stare at empty blank walls. I listen to the awkward silence of the ticking clock.

I breathe in peace.

My classroom is alive.

I stare at vibrant walls. I strain to hear to ticking clock over the eager voices of my students.

I breath in chaos. A good chaos. A peaceful chaos.

The countdown is on; the sleepless night are starting. As I enter my 8th year of teaching, something has changed internally. Instead of dreading the last day of summer, I’m embracing the first day of school with open arms. Why? Am I crazy?

Instead of calling myself ‘loco’, I prefer to think that this year is a new year: I have a plan of attack. I have 5 actions steps to keep me focused on a positive school year.

  1. Control what I can only control. What does that mean? I can only control what is in my classroom–my teaching, my students.
  2. Surround myself with positivity. I have realized that positivity breeds positivity. This year, I have no room for negativity. Instead, it is time for me to share my positivity the world. Positivity is a choice.
  3. Value ‘ME’ time.  It’s okay to put work aside and spend time with the family. My work isn’t going anywhere.. After all, family is one’s strongest support system.
  4. Immerse myself in PD. No, not professional development, personal development. Read a book, listen to a podcast, join a PLN.
  5. Why I do what I do. This year I will have a brief explanation on my wall reminding me why I do what I do. Everyone needs a sunshine box–pack it full of ‘feel good’ memorabilia; because, lets face it, not every day is full of sunshine.

So, I ask you…

Are you gripping onto that last day of summer or are you eager to enter your room of peaceful chaos?

Will you choose positivity? Will you focus on fueling you first before others?

Most importantly, do you need to be reminded of your why?

I challenge you to find your why, choose positive vibes and put you first.

This is the year–the year for you to embrace the chaos.



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