Finding a Way

My world was stunned, and I was shocked just a few short weeks ago. It felt like a dagger was stabbed right into my heart–I was left breathless; and to be quite honest, I was not sure of my next move.

It could not be true. No way! Not in a million years. Yet, it was true. All true.

Yes, this world has been twisted, as if the rewind button has been hit over and over again. Yet, this specific shock hit me on a more personal level. This shock was my wake up call.

I was confused, bitter, curious; and, when my thoughts are tangled, I write… I write for clarity. I write for hope. I write for answers.

I’ve spent the past handful of years, gaining inspiration, motivation, and quite frankly ‘guts’ from my mentors and role models. I have expected and waited for them to show up so that, in return, I could show up. But, why? Don’t get me wrong, I am a very intrinsically motivated and ambitious individual. Yet, after really wrestling with my thoughts, I relied so much on others showing up for me, giving me confidence and reassurance, instead of me showing up for…well, me.

Don’t get me wrong, role models and mentors are great. Hands down, we all need them. But, if we really want to be honest (and you know me by now, I only speak honest) with ourselves, these leaders cannot be the only reason we show up for ourselves.

“We must learn how to show up for ourselves.”

Now’s about the time where you are waiting for me to explain how you can show up for yourself.


I do not have the answers, because I truly believe that everyone shows up for themselves in their own unique way. I have spent this time in quarantine exploring what that might look like for me, and I challenge you to take some time to explore that for yourself.

As leaders, as humans, we cannot expect others to do it for us, because there will be a time where they won’t be able to; and you, my friend, will need to know how to show up for yourself.

And…you will need to be your own tiebreaker.

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